What Should Be Included in a Quality Coffee Subscription Box

What’s better than getting your favorite beverage delivered to your front door every month? For those of us who love a good cup of coffee (and maybe a story on the side), a coffee subscription box is a great way to discover a delicious new brand, learn more about the harvesting process, and ensure your kitchen is always stocked with coffee.

Due to the fact that different subscription companies will offer different quantities of coffee, different frequencies of shipments, and even types of coffees (whole bean, ground, Kenya, Colombia, etc.), you’ll want to be picky about which subscription service you decide to go with. Here are the top five things we think should be included in every quality coffee subscription box.

1. Quality Coffee

This goes without saying. A good coffee subscription isn’t anything without quality coffee. What does this mean, exactly? It depends on your individual preferences, really, but a good single-origin coffee is always a good choice.

There’s a science behind a great cup of coffee, including the acidity, Trigonelline levels and even the type of actual bean (do you know the difference between Arabica and Robusta?), but ultimately your palette is your palette and you know what tastes like quality to you.

2. Sustainability

Is the coffee your buying produced in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner? While the definition of what this means can vary from country to country, a sustainable coffee company will usually meet a combination of economic, social, and environmental standards. This goes for packaging and shipping as well. We suggest doing a little research or contacting the company directly to find out how their harvesting, packaging and shipping methods impact the environment as well as the lives of the farmers themselves.

3. An Experience

If you’re paying a little extra to get your coffee delivered to your door every month instead of just going to your local grocery store to buy it, you might as well get something a little extra out of the product as well. Any quality coffee subscription box will offer you the chance to immerse yourself into some sort of interactive experience.

Whether it is through postcards from the country of origin, stories written on each bag, or augmented reality stories that come to life inside of the box using your smartphone, a good coffee subscription should allow you to learn a little more about the product you love so much and are paying monthly to receive.

4. Support of a Worthy Cause

Due to the saturation of the subscription box market nowadays, you can find just about anything that you can subscribe. So, how do you choose the one best suited to your needs? Well, assuming you’re not too picky about your coffee or where it comes from, go for the one that supports a worthy cause.

Roasted Tales, for example, donates a portion of each sale to aid the farmers you get to know in the stories found inside every box. By funneling money directly back to the farmers themselves when you purchase Roasted Tales coffee, you are essentially investing in the lives of small Colombian coffee farmers while also enjoying coffee from various small farms around the country.

5. A Beautiful Presentation

Does the coffee arrive in just any old cardboard box or does it arrive sleek, modern and beautiful to your doorstep every month? Sure, this may not seem important as you usually just take the coffee out and then recycle the box. However, we believe that a beautiful presentation is the first step to an extraordinary experience. From the moment the box arrives to the moment you open it, take out the coffee, and store the box to show all of your friends, it should be staged to deliver the most impact possible.

All this talk about coffee got you hankering for some 100% single-origin Colombian brews? Ready to see if Roasted Tales ticks off all of the points listed above? Sign up today to begin drinking stories.



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