How to Buy Gifts for Millennial Coffee Lovers

A study by Acorns Money Matters stated that Americans spend on average about $1,100 on coffee per year. But what about millennials? 41% stated that they contribute more towards their coffee fix each year than they do their retirement plan.

What does this mean for you? You’ll have to get a little creative with your gift-giving if you’re looking for a coffee-loving millennial that’s seen it all but still really loves their morning brew. Here’s our guide to the best coffee gifts that you can snag for under $50.

1. Chemex

We’ve clearly established that coffee is a big deal for millennials, but it’s about more than just the drink; it’s about the experience. One of the main attractions of third wave coffee for millennials is the experience they find in the richness of flavors, aromas and social aspects of coffee. To help bring out the excitement in these senses, get your millennial a Chemex coffee maker. The Chemex Glass Coffee Maker allows you to use all of the chemically accurate methods for brewing while feeling like you’re back in middle school science class.

2. Iced Coffee Ice Tray

The Cool Beans Coffee Ice Tray is designed to solve the problem of watered down coffee. For under $10, you can give a coffee gift that will allow any caffeine lover to add more coffee to their regular coffee. The cubes are shaped like coffee beans (because who doesn’t want to be that extra?) and allow you to freeze coffee ice cubes that can then be used for your morning cold brew. You’ll never have to fight through that last watered down sip again!

3. Stainless Steel French Press

Coming in at under $30, this French press is every millennial coffee lover’s dream. Not only does it look sleek and modern, this French press will keep your coffee warm for up to three hours. With additional gadgets, knobs and handles that make it safer and easier to pour and control the heat, it’s a practical gift that brews great coffee while still maintaining functionality.

4. A Funny Mug

Honestly, who doesn’t want one of these? Getting a new coffee mug to take to the office or show off around the house is more exciting than Christmas morning if you’re a millennial coffee lover. Whether you’re a Harry Potter fanatic, love random obvious facts, or want to spice up your office job with a little humor, there’s a mug for you.

5. Coffee Subscription

It has been said that coffee is not only the number one obsession of the millennial generation after breakfast and social media, it also holds the key to improving productivity among millennials. To inspire your favorite coffee lover, gift then a coffee subscription.

As the market shifts towards the trends of millennial spenders that have conscious minds and a craving for authenticity, it’s best to look for a coffee subscription that is equal parts delicious single-origin coffee, social consciousness and immersive experience.

100% Colombian Coffee Subscription

A coffee subscription like Roasted Tales is a great way to gift the gift of coffee while also giving back to the local Colombian communities where it’s cultivated, perfectly mixing social awareness with sustainability and taste. And, Roasted Tales comes complete with augmented reality stories, so the coffee lover in your life will be able to learn about where their coffee came from, how it was cultivated, and who cultivated it. What’s not to love?

Ready to buy that perfect coffee gift for the coffee lover in your life? Start with a month of Roasted Tales and we can ensure that the millennial receiving the gift won’t get a gift as cool ever again.



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