How to Buy Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

We all know and have them – the friends who live and breathe coffee every waking moment of their caffeine-fueled lives. They love coffee and make sure you know it.

While their eccentricity is, dare we say, overwhelming at times, at least you always know what to gift them when the holidays or birthdays come around. Or, do you? Here’s our guide to buying gifts for coffee lovers.

1. Mugs

From actual mugs that do cool things like change colors when heated to accessories like cute little mug huggers that keep you positive and your coffee warm all day, mugs are a great gift for the coffee drinkers in your life. Find out what your friend’s favorite thing is (second to coffee, of course) and get them a mug of it. They even exist in the shape of llamas.

2. Candles

We’re sure the coffee lovers in your life will love a candle that smells like they’ve just stepped inside a shower full of Juan Valdez espresso dust, café vibes, and velvety coffee drip. Get them a coffee candle so they can smell their favorite drink even when they’re not drinking it.

3. Coffee Makers

Try gifting the coffee lover a personal coffee maker so they can brew their own on the go wherever they are. Cold brew lovers will love this perfectly sized cold brew coffee maker while fans of espresso will be delighted by this mini espresso maker that brews the perfect shot every time.

However, if you want to play it on the safe side, you’ll always be safe going with a single-brew coffee maker like a Keurig that allows your coffee drinker to insert their own coffee into a K-cup so they have their choice of brew whenever they want it!

4. Coffee Clothing

Who doesn’t want to shout their love of coffee to the world? There’s no better way to profess your love for your favorite caffeinated drink than by wearing it on your clothes. One of the best gifts for coffee drinkers is clothing – whether it’s in the form of a t-shirt asking for more joe, a sweater with great advice, or a necklace fit for two BFFs in love with coffee.

5. Coffee Subscription

Coffee delivery directly to your front door? What coffee lover wouldn’t want that? A coffee subscription is a great way to let your friend know that you are thinking of them and support their passion.

A coffee subscription like Roasted Tales is a great way to gift the gift of coffee while also giving back to local communities. And, Roasted Tales come complete with augmented reality stories, so the coffee lover in your life will be able to learn about where their coffee came from, how it was cultivated, and who cultivated it.



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