Everything You Want to Know About the Colombian Coffee Bean

For anyone who is a coffee lover, it’s likely that you’re not able to start they day off without fіrѕt drinking a freshly brewed cup of your favorite drink. Whіlѕt not all homes have the same brand of coffee, it is with no doubt that everybody loves to have a sip of either the brewed or decaf versions. Coffee beans from all over the world are a staple in most American homes, but what do you really know about the little brown bean?

What Actually Is a Coffee Bean?

Beans are actually seeds found inside the coffee plant. It is the kernel inside the coffee cherries, the red-colored fruit that grows on the coffee plant. Commonly, one coffee cherry contains two beans inside of it, but there are instances in which the cherry only yields one bean, or even three. With its popularity, beans are considered to be a major cash crop all over the world. Amongst the list of countries that produce coffee, Colombia usually makes it into the top three spot along with Vietnam, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia and others. What makes the Colombian coffee bean so popular amongst other producers?

Colombia's Coffee Beans & Their Popularity

Only certain countries in the coffee-growing axis are able to cultivate the bean, and the quality and taste depend on many factors such as altitude, temperature and overall amount of sunshine and rain the plants receive. Colombian coffee beans stand out in the marketplace often due to their unique taste, flavor and style. The country is able to cultivate such an aromatic and tasty bean due to the conducive environment and growing conditions, such as a lot of rainfall, sunshine and ideal altitudes in the mountains. This quality of coffee beans makes Colombian coffee some of the best around the world, resulting in its production of more than 12% of the total exported coffee around the world and earning it the spot of second top-producing country after Brazil.

Arabica Beans Are Colombia's Special Power

As mentioned above, there are many countries that also cultivate and export beans, but not every country's coffee beans are equal in popularity or taste. What distinguishes one type of coffee bean from another is often the type of bean. Based on statistics, over 90% of the sales of coffee beans come from Arabica and Robusta plants, with Colombia producing mostly Arabica beans. Colombia's average annual coffee production of 11.5 million bags is the third total highest in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam. However, it's the highest in terms of the Arabica bean.

Colombia's cultivation and sale of coffee beans started in 1835 and has increased steadily ever since. However, the success of the Colombian coffee bean is not due to pure luck. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into ensuring that the products are handled with care in order to produce the desired quality and flavor.

The Cultivation of Colombian Coffee Beans

If you're under the impression that coffee plants are easily cultivate, you couldn't be further from the truth. Each coffee tree takes about four to five years of care and cultivation from dedicated farmers across the country who are often receiving low pay and working in less-than-ideal conditions. This makes Colombian coffee beans a little bit more interesting, as it makes it easier to appreciate the superior taste when you know how much effort is required to produce one little cup of coffee.

These beans then undergo different processes such as roasting and even decaffeination depending on the exporter or in-country coffee company. Different coffee preparation methods can be used to get the most out of a Colombian coffee bean, ranging from drip brewing, French press, espresso, and coffee percolators. These preparations are responsible for creating beverages such as cappuccinos, americanos, frappuccinos, affogatos and even the simple coffee with milk you probably drink at home.

Colombian Coffee is Cultivated with Heart & Passion

However you choose to enjoy your Colombian coffee beans, it's important to remember that you're experiencing a taste and style unique to this country and that hours and years of hard work have gone into getting that coffee straight from the farm to your home. Share a cup of this wonderful coffee with your friends, neighbors or partner and savor the taste while immersing yourself in the stories behind each cup, behind each little coffee bean that has been picked just for you.



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