4 Reasons to Join a Coffee of the Month Club

Do you live, love and breath coffee? Great, we do, too. Now, are you tired of waking up and heading to the kitchen only to find that your favorite coffee has run out?

With a coffee subscription, or coffee of the month club, you’ll never have to worry about buying your coffee at the store again. With high-quality coffee on hand, you’ll be able to focus on the more important things, like is the coffee fair trade, does it come with augmented reality stories that tell the lives of the farmers, and does it taste amazing?

If you’re still not convinced that a coffee subscription is a great idea, here are five reasons you need to think about trying one!

1. Know Exactly Where Your Coffee is From

When you sign up for weekly or monthly coffee delivery, you know exactly where your coffee is coming from every single time. Each bag of Roasted Tales comes with a tag that will, when activated by your smart phone, come to life and tell you all you want to know about that specific bag of coffee. Where was it cultivated, what’s the name of the farm, what tasting notes does it embody, what’s the altitude of the farm, and many more facts are all a part of the monthly experience.

2. Support a Cause

Coffee subscription providers are often passionate about their morning buzz, just like you. They care about giving consumers a good product with the company’s ethics in mind. Roasted Tales buys our coffee straight from the farms that use sustainable farming practices and small family-run businesses to keep their farms going. They care about the environment and their families, which is why we give a portion of each box to help the families out. Your coffee subscription allows small Colombian farmers to do things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, and we think that’s really cool.

3. It’s an Experience

The right coffee subscription will be about more than just coffee; it will be an all-around immersive experience. A subscription to great coffee gets you more than just your daily perk. There are often other benefits to joining up, like stories in each box told through augmented reality, exclusive access to material and videos for purchasing a full year, and other great perks that can’t be found by purchasing your coffee in bags from the store.

Here at Roasted Tales we believe that the experience is just as important as the coffee you’ll be drinking. That’s why we included two augmented reality stories inside each box that discuss different themes surrounding the production of your coffee. Whether you want to learn about the difficulties farmers face, what a day in the life on a coffee farm is like, or simply how technology is affecting coffee production, we’ve got you covered. Simply point your smartphone at the photos inside each box and a video will be brought to life.

4. Convenience

You never have to keep tabs on your coffee supply because you know your next delivery is coming soon. That peace of mind for coffee lovers is invaluable! While most coffee subscriptions allow you to tweak your shipping frequencies, you can expect to receive enough coffee to last you a month minimum. If you know you drink more, or are buying for a household of coffee drinkers (hey, it’s a great option for a house full of tired college kids), you can adjust the frequencies to fit your needs.

Ready to get started today? Sign up for your first month of Roasted Tales and unlock the stories inside each box.



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